Social Media Infographics

Infographics are an excellent tool for delivering information to your target audience in a visually appealing style; they also have a greater potential for virality and extensive sharing than other forms of media.

Platform We Serve


Instagram is well-liked by the younger generation because of its exclusive concentration on visual content (every post must be a video, infographic, or image).


Facebook has become the most popular social networking site. Use attractive blogs and infographics to draw attention to your company.


To function properly, the social networking platform Pinterest depends heavily on visuals. We will make graphics for you to utilize as pushpins on your boards.


For your YouTube channel and video content, we can develop custom logos and thumbnails.


Maintaining a professional tone in all of your LinkedIn updates is essential. If you need assistance making images for your posts, we're here to help.


Since there is a restriction on the amount of text a user can post, it is recommended that you use well-designed images and graphics to deliver your message on Twitter.

Our Social Media Design Services Include

Ad Banners

  • Banner and display advertisements from WBO’s graphic designers are proven to increase both clicks and time spent on site. 
  • Banner ad designers that work for us are experts at making the most of the limited. If you need a few advertisements or a few hundred ads, we’re pleased to help. 
  • We have years of expertise designing ads for different contexts and campaigns

Social Media Carousel Design

  • By keeping up with the most recent research, recommendations, and trends, we can provide you with the ideal Carousels.
  • Customised style, size, and format for maximizing the effectiveness of your online marketing.
  • We develop Carousels that are both modern and complementary to your brand’s aesthetic, all intending to draw in new business.

Post Template Design

  • Stunning Post graphics can be yours with only a few clicks, and you can then share them with the world. 
  • You can quickly and easily launch a campaign or a normal post with a polished design using the components provided in our templates.
  • We also combine cutting-edge animation with eye-catching design to raise your brand’s profile.

Stories, Reels, or Videos Design

  • We create each story, Reel, or Video Design with a focus on how it will be received by the viewers in terms of culture, readability, the psychology of color, and the overall message.
  • We’ve researched what makes people view videos more online, and we’d want to share that knowledge with you so that you may maximize your advertising returns.

Why Choose WBO for Design Services?


In the hands of our expert infographic designers, your project will receive a deluge of the most innovative infographic ideas.


We have skilled, independent infographic designers with all areas of expertise, waiting to work with you to build the perfect infographic

Save time and money.

We offer flexible pricing for our infographic design to accommodate projects of any size. Designs for Social Media infographic

Money-back guarantee

Get your money back* if you're unhappy with the infographic designs and don't receive the ideal infographic for your company.

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