Refund Policy

WBO always strives for the highest quality standards. We want you to completely rest assured that at WBO you’ll get quality work or you don’t pay. Its as simple as that. This is why we’ve this refund policy. We do this to reassure you that WBO stands behind all its work. 

    How to Initiate the Refund Process?

    The client shall inspect any of the services performed or deliverables performed by the WBO before acceptance. If the services performed are unsatisfactory, the client may ask WBO to redo, replace, or repair the work done to bring it into full compliance with the requirements at the cost of WBO. The number of revisions will be limited to 2 revisions or up to 2 weeks of task delivery as per the contract.

    1. If any defect is not corrected by re-performance or fails to promptly conform to the services and/or deliverables as defined by the requirements or specifications even after the revisions, WBO will not charge the client for that task performed.
    2. We believe in our highest quality services so much that if you are not 100% satisfied with the task or service that you have purchased from our website, we will refund your money. The client will get a full/partial credit for this task to be adjusted in a future invoice.
    3. To initiate this process the client is required to fill this short form which will trigger the refund process in activation.

    Terms applicable

    1. The client should have exhausted the options of redoing the task so as to give a due chance to WBO to deliver the task as per requirements.
    2. This refund request is only for an individual task.
    3. It is the sole discretion of WBO Solutions Private Limited to accept (partially or fully) or reject this request on the basis of the Refund Policy.
    4. This Refund Policy is liable for change at the sole discretion of WBO Solutions Private Limited without any prior information.
    5. In case this request is accepted, if you’ve been already billed for this task, you’ll be issued a credit (partial or full) which will be adjusted in a future invoice.
    6. This credit is applicable for 3 months from submission of the refund request form. 
    7. In case this request is accepted fully, if you’ve not yet been billed for this task, you’ll not be billed in any future invoice for this specific task in mention. 
    8. This policy of WBO Solutions Private Limited has been put in place in good faith & a misuse of this policy will be prosecuted by law & will not hold WBO Solutions Private Limited liable for any damages.
    9. WBO Solutions Private Limited licences you to use the content created in this task to be used by you personally or commercially even if you’re allowed a full refund of this task. 
    10. This policy applies to all clients of WBO Solutions Private Limited irrespective if they bought our services on the website or any other platform.