Refer AND Earn

Whether you are a client who loves our services or you are a content creator who would like to join our affiliate program. You can help us make our digital services accessible by referring us to your network. And in turn, we’ll give you cashback for lifetime. Want to know how? Read on…


  • Signup Bonus: You will be receive a $100 signup bonus when a referral signs up & pays his/her first invoice.
  • Lifetime Cash: 20% commission (in case of a content creator) or invoice discount (in case of an existing client) for the first 3 months. Followed by a 10% commission or discount there on till your referral works with WBO. Please note that this commission/ discount will be a percentage of the monthly invoice amount/s of your referral.
  • Satisfaction: Of helping a friend or a subscriber. Knowing that you were instrumental in helping them build their businesses.

What’s in it for your Referral?

  • Lifetime Discount: 10% discount on their invoices forever.
  • Same Discounted Rate: They will also get the same rate we’re currently charging you. This can be significant as we might be working with you at a lower rate than what we’re charging new onboarded clients at that time.
  • Peace of Mind: From knowing that they will be getting quality services & results because the recommendation has come from none other than you.

How to move forward?

  • For Content Creators: Please email us at We’ll start your onboarding process right away.
  • For Current & Past Clients: Introduce us to your referral by including them as well as our business team ( in your email. We will take it forward from there. Please note that if you’re no longer working with WBO, you will need to sign in as a content creator. If you don’t do this, we are not liable for the missed monthly commissions.

You can fill the form over here by introducing us to your referral.
Just fill in your details & they will be good to go


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