How to provide seller central access

  • To set up users, first, the account manager must set up the initial account using the Amazon Checkout registration process. 
  • After setting up the initial account, the account manager then compiles a list of people who can access the system and determines the respective rights for those users.

At this point, the account manager is ready to invite new users to Seller Central.


  • Click Settings, and then click User Permissions. The User Permissions page appears.

  • To invite someone to the account, enter their email address under Add a New Seller Central User.
  • Click Send Invitation. The email invitation will be sent to the address you specified. You will receive a confirmation email.

Change User Permissions:

All of the permissions will be set to None by default. You have to change the permission to View & Edit for the following for smooth operations.

In the Reports section:

  • Change Business Reports, Sales Summary to View and Edit.
  • Change Feedback to View and Edit.
  • Change Fulfilment Reports to View and Edit.
  • Change Product Ads Performance Reports to View and Edit.

In the Orders section:

  • Change Manage Orders to View and Edit.

In the Advertising section:

  • Change Campaign Manager to View and Edit.
  • Change A+ Content Manager to View and Edit.
  • Change Coupons & Promotions to View and Edit.

Click the Continue button at the bottom of the page after giving the requisite access to the user.