12 Ways To Write Engaging Posts For Social Media 

Just imagine you are writing the best engaging posts for social media. You created beautiful social media postings, scheduled them across networks, and even authored a fantastic article. But your social media metrics show no clicks, likes, shares, or other social engagement two weeks later. 

What went wrong? 

Creating interesting social media postings is difficult, especially in the modern era when newsfeed algorithms heavily favor popularity over all other considerations.

Think for a moment about what motivates you to interact with the content of a business-to-business brand.

Maybe you know them directly, work in the same field as them, or enjoy their articles because they are different and entertaining.

To assist you in achieving higher engagement,  we are here to discuss the 12 points that can help you write fun, exciting, and compelling social posts that your audience will truly love.

12 Engaging Content For Social Media

Having a good social media profile is a dream of every person nowadays. Your social media platform must be strong to grow your business or gain popularity. For this, your social media content must be the best. Your audience should love your content. Only then will you be able to grow your social media. 

Here are the best tips for writing engaging content for social media.

      1. Encourage Creativity

    #Mondaymotivation or motivational quotes are not a bad thing. You can profit from the many inspirational hashtags already available or come up with some of your own. People usually like to receive wise vibes in the morning. 

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    Your audience will be more motivated to act if you use motivational quotations and phrases in your social media posts. Also, you can add life-motivational quotes and carousels for better creativity and engagement.

        1. Encourage Audience Engagement

      When writing engaging posts for social media, try to make your posts more reachable to the audience. The posting of social media posts that ask for responses, feedback, and opinions can be a terrific way to start a discussion. A link to a Google Survey or a Twitter poll both works well. 

      You can add many more details to encourage audience participation, such as some contest images, engaging posts, promotions posts, motivational quotes, and offers/discount posts. 

      Also, use different types of engaging social media post ideas from your competitors so that you can know what is important for your social media account.

          1. Emojis Should Be Used Creatively

        Emojis are the undisputed kings of amusing social media posts. While writing engaging posts for social media, keep trying to add emojis at suitable places. They add personality and playfulness to your postings. With careful use, you may connect with your audience on a whole new level and engage their emotions. 

        Emojis are something that makes everything more interesting and readable. Emojis can be used to explain every expression. You can write fun engagement posts for social media using emojis for better engagement.

        Emoji statistics that are entertaining to know:

        🌈 On Facebook Messenger, 5 billion emoticons are sent every day.

        😍 Emojis were used in half of all comments on Instagram by the middle of 2015.

            1. Keep Things Simpler

          You know what most people say: don’t tell a story in 30 minutes when you can complete it in 30 seconds. Give it a shot, even if it could be difficult to summarize a really great thought in only five words. You are much more likely to get those likes, shares, and clicks if you use only one brief line to explain your audience’s interest. 

          Simple content on your social media will bring more audience because everyone wants a simple format that they can easily understand. Writers should always keep these things in mind while writing engaging posts for social media. 

          The language and content he/she is writing should be simple and knowledgeable if they want more engagement on social media. 

              1. Make Complete Lists

            This is a foolproof trick to increase interest in your social media material right now (and readable). Try condensing the most important details from an article, eBook, or webinar into a few bullet points. On LinkedIn and Twitter, this method will perform flawlessly.

            Don’t forget to experiment with any compelling data or statistics. They will click to read the complete article if they believe your snippet to be interesting. 

                1. Be Sympathetic

              Engaging content for social media requires you to immediately address your audience’s most pressing requirements and problems. What makes their job or sector so difficult, and how can you position yourself as the hero or the fixer? Using pronouns like “you” or “your” to address your audiences directly will help you be more empathic.

              The better you understand your target audience and develop your content personas, the more effectively you may speak to those challenging and strained areas. Being empathetic is a great skill that can gain you significant engagement points.

                  1. Establish a Feeling of Urgency!

                Urgency! You can easily use it in your social media posts to compel readers to take the desired action. Urgency-driven messaging is sometimes used to promote a limited time limit or to push your audience to “reserve a seat before tickets run out.” They don’t need to be as explicit, though. 

                As long as you keep the momentum strong, urgency will automatically be present. Other ways to create a sense of urgency include showing your effect or turning a challenge into an opportunity.

                    1. Highlight the Benefits

                  When crafting social media postings, B2B marketers should always show their audience what’s in it for them, even though it might seem obvious. Instead of promoting how awesome your material is in social media postings, you may focus on what the audience will learn from the piece and how it will assist them in overcoming their challenges.

                      1. Count Up the Numbers

                    including numbers in your social media postings ensures that they are seen and read right away. Numbers have a different impact on your content. It looks more engaging and readable.

                    For example, consider the phrase “12 Ways to Write Engaging Social Posts” from the headline of this article. But think if it was written as “How to Write Engaging Social Posts”? It will not be good and readable. People can find it boring, so you should always try to put numbers in your content.

                        1. Sometimes it’s ‘OK’ to be Negative

                      Social media postings that are critical are effective. It’s acceptable to highlight their failures because your audience is aware that life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Make them feel that this is a common unfavorable experience by making references to the biggest fall or error in their field.

                      The idea is to be clear and concise; don’t be afraid to state the obvious or the less-than-pleasant facts.

                          1. Concentrate on Market Leaders

                        Not every aspect of social media marketing is only to promote themselves. Getting support from reputable industry figures is frequently necessary to make a compelling case. These can be organizations or some personalities that are already well-known on social media.

                        Your social media posts will appear more credible in the eyes of audiences if you can show that they are being endorsed and even executed by industry experts.

                            1. Be a Little Joyful

                          Don’t be too serious with yourself. A little comedy and mischief might make people smile and pay attention to your social media posts. There are many ways to be playful without trying too hard, whether it be with a pun, amusing gif, or humorous hyperbole.

                          #Additional Information

                          Your audience involvement on social media can make or destroy your campaign. Have you really shared your company’s postings if no one is responding to them?

                          The answer is to diversify; test the effects of various iterations of the same post. Perhaps your LinkedIn audience responds best to “negativity,” whilst your Twitter crowd prefers “empathy” and “playfulness.” You’ll never find out which strategy is most effective unless you test out several different ones.


                          Every business, even a normal person, wants to write engaging posts for social media. Keeping things simpler, adding a bit of emojis, counting numbers, and showing more creativity will surely bring more clicks, likes, views, and comments. 

                          Certainly, it will also bring more audience day by day when people will start loving your content. To make your process more accessible, we have shared the top twelve tips by which you can write engaging content for social media that will drive your traffic on a larger scale.


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